Medication (oral, topical) -  no charge

TLC - no charge

Daily exercise - no charge
Holidays -

(New Years eve, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas day)

Bath and brush -$15 and up depending on breed

Nail Trim (Dremel) - $15

What to Bring

Small Dog

Family-Style ​Boarding

Charges start the day of check-in regardless of time checking in.  No charge for day of check-out if checked out before 11:00 a.m.


*Dogs must be under 30 pounds

*Dogs must be dog- and people-friendly

*A trial meet & greet must be completed prior to booking your first boarding reservation

*If first reservation is over 3 days, a trial boarding of 1-2 days at regular fee must be done prior

*Dogs must be current on vaccines

including DHPP, Bordetella and Rabies (titers will be accepted)

*Dogs must be on a monthly flea prevention

*Dogs must never have tried to dig under or jump over a fence

*No dogs with separation anxiety

*Un-trained and un-trustworthy dogs must be crate trained

​*Dogs must wear identification tags or have micro chip with current contact info while boarding

​*We can not keep dogs that are known rock eaters

*Your dog's normal food - enough for 2 days more than your planned stay

*Any medications with written instructions

*Bedding or clothing that smells like you (optional)

*Collar or harness and leash (non-retractable leash, no choke, pinch or shock collars allowed)

*Your dog!

*Your dog's crate if they sleep or stay in a crate while you are away.

Please do not bring toys, they would likely be destroyed during your dog's stay and we have plenty to go around.

Small Dog Family-style boarding means hanging out at our house, playing in the yard, lounging on the couch and cuddle time.  Reinforcement of your house rules, oral and topical medications, TLC and daily exercise are all included.  Puppies that aren't potty trained are welcome.

                                 $35 per day

                    2 dogs $55 per day

Un-potty trained $50 per day

Gentle Paws offers family-style boarding for small dogs.  Your pet stays in my home as one of my own pack!  I take only a few dogs at a time - space is limited so be sure to book early!

Gentle Paws


Boarding Requirements