Heavy Duty Long Line 25'

Hand Made in the Pacific Northwest

Custom orders welcome - colors, lengths, sizes

Braided nylon leashes in 2 sizes - regular (5 feet) for dogs under 40 lbs and heavy duty (4 feet) for dogs over 40 lbs.  Many colors and color combinations including your favorite sports team colors.  High quality, hand-made with ring for attaching poop bags or safety light.  See below for color options.

Regular or Heavy Duty Leash - $22.50 plus shipping

Long Lines - great for training or tethering outside.  Braided handle, 25 feet (or custom length), machine washable.  Regular for dogs under 40lbs and heavy duty for dogs over 40 lbs.

Regular  - $22.50 plus shipping

Heavy Duty - $25.00 plus shipping


Regular Leash 5'

To order custom lengths or colors call 206-270-2728 or email pattythepuppypro@gmail.com

High Quality   

Heavy Duty Leash 4'

My Favorite Leash!

All leashes are braided with 2 different colors (after you order, you will receive an email to determine your colors of choice).  

Heavy duty leash, long line and no-pull harness available colors:  royal blue, lime green, light blue, hunter green, teal, purple, red, maroon, silver, lavender, orange, ocean blue, hot pink, yellow, white, black.  

regular leash and long line available colors:   royal blue, lime green, lavender, silver, light blue, purple, hunter, hot pink, yellow, black, white.‚Äč


Leash and Coupler Combo


Couplers - makes walking 2 dogs easier - no more tangled leashes!  Many colors and color combinations including your favorite sports team colors.

See below for color options.

Coupler - $15.00 plus shipping

Leash/Coupler Combo $33.00 plus shipping


Regular Long line 25'



Leashes, Long Lines, Couplers, No-Pull Harness

No-Pull Dog Harness - pain-free harness instantly stops pulling for dogs 10 lbs to 100+ lbs.  In many colors and color combinations.  To order, call 206-370-2728 or email pattythepuppypro@gmail.com.