Young puppies can't hold their bladder for 8-10 hours while you work.  I can stop by mid-day to let your puppy go out to potty (or twice a day for very young pups) and stretch his/her legs.  During the visit I will reinforce your puppy's training.

Energetic dogs and older dogs appreciate mid day breaks, too! 

                    $25 per visit

                   5 visits $115

                 10 visits $210

                 20 visits $380‚Äč

        limited service area

Gentle Paws


Home Nursing and Hospice Care

Does your pet need home nursing care such as injections, pill delivery, fluid therapy or ear cleaning?  Gentle Paws can provide the care needed or guide/help you until you are confident to perform the needed care yourself.

                                               $25 per visit

Do you have an ill, injured or recovering pet that can't be left alone?  We can come sit with your pet while you take a much needed break to run errands or have a date night.  


Cat Sitting

While you are away, Gentle Paws can provide loving, reliable care for your cats in their home environment.  I don't charge extra for extras!  Medications, play time, brushing, plant care, light rotation, mail and garbage included and there's no charge for more than one cat.

                   $25 per day

  Two visits per day $45

Potty Breaks