My name is Lorna Koth and I have been an animal lover since I was a little girl.  When I was 3 years old while visiting family friends, my parents couldn't find me.  They searched and searched and finally found the dog house with a bunch of puppies!  True story.

I've always had pets in my life - I adore them.  I currently live with 3 cats and I miss having a dog in my life at the moment.  I miss it so much, I often go to the Edmonds dog park alone just to watch the dogs playing.  It's my "happy place".

I have many years of experience caring for pets.  I know that it's hard when you are separated from your furry family members and I truly appreciate the level of trust it takes to put them in someone else's care.  You can rest assured that when I care for your pets, I care for them with as much love, responsibility and attention to detail as I do with my own pets.

 Before venturing out on my own I worked for 10 years as a veterinary nurse and hospital manager and 10 years as a trainer and pet sitter.  I founded a non-profit organization in Kansas City called HEARTland Positive Dog Training Alliance - a group of more than 50 dog trainers in the area.  In addition to my 25+ years of hands on dog experience, I graduated from the Animal Behavior College.

My experience in the veterinary field and as a trainer gives me a unique approach to observing and enhancing the life of my clients and their pets.  My goal is to provide a safe and loving environment for pets in my care so guardians can take a worry-free vacation or business trip and to start puppies out on the right paw for a more enjoyable puppy-hood for the household.

I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri with pets of all kinds - dogs, cats, snakes, chickens, cows, horses, peacocks, ducks, geese and the list goes on.  My husband and I currently live with a rescue Cocker Spaniel, Jett.  My passion is helping people and their pets live happily together.

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